• Strategy


    An Overview of Our Process

Our Starting Point

Our Individualized Investment Process:

When looking for the right investment we utilize a three step process in an effort to make optimal decisions. The process begins with an analysis of your needs, we then employ our investment strategy, and once the strategy is in place, we continually monitor risk.”
  • Our Process Begins with You

    We assess your financial situation and create a critical blueprint. and individual plan that is transparent and understandable based on your interests, investment goals, financial assets and preferences.  This is step one in determining your asset allocation.

    We review:

    • – Investment objectives
    • – Risk tolerance
    • – Investment time horizon
    • – Tax needs
    • – Your unique circumstances and preferences


    We also have the option of adding specialized investment screens to your portfolio to give it a focus on sustainable, green, and socially just companies, and/or empowering women in the workplace.

  • Building Your Investment Blueprint

    Once we know your objectives we implement a top down / bottom up strategy when building client portfolios which include:
    • – Review of global economic health
    • – Sector analysis
    • – Fundamental review
    • – Technical pattern review

    From here we pick 20-30 investments that are financially sound to build your portfolio.

  • Monitoring Investments

    Daily, we closely monitor key economic data and global trends. We examine:
    • – Credit Analysis: spreads, slope, macro changes
    • – Changes in the economic cycle
    • – We look for fundamental deterioration
    • – We screen for technical breakdown

Our Investment Strategy Explained

Investment Strategy:

This process unfolds with a top-down analysis of the overall domestic and global economic and political trends. Sifting through extensive global data, we determine where we are in the business cycle – expansion, contraction, boom, bust or troughing process. This, along with your personal needs dictates our asset allocation and our preferred sectors and countries.

We overlay this with our bottom up review which includes both technical and fundamental reviews.  A few examples of what we review is management strength, income statements, balance sheets, use of capital, and competitiveness.

Top Down Macro-Economic Approach

Global/Domestic Economic Analysis

Business cycle, economic policy, debt structure, fastest growing regions, currency strength

Societal Shifts

Demographics, political posturing, power changes, class structure

Market Analysis

Yield curve, credit spreads, growth sectors & industries, pricing power, technical analysis

25-30 Investments

Elimination Criteria

Lawsuits, litigation, inability to meet expectation, manager turnover, corporate governance

Security Selection

Fundamental review, product innovation, market dominance, competition, technical strength

Bottom Up Micro-Economic Approach

Risk Management

Risk Management

The markets are discount mechanisms that have accurately predicted expansions and contractions in the past. We continually and vigilantly monitor the risk of our positions and portfolios to help ensure their safety. There are many risk measures that have helped us successfully assess the level of risk building in the system.  These include:

  • credit spreads
  • debt levels
  • fundamental deterioration
  • technical breakdowns
  • LIBOR (a key benchmark interest rate index)
  • yield curve