• Financial & Investment Services

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of financial services to best meet your needs.


Individual Investment Management

  • Portfolios are specifically structured based on your needs/objectives and our market analysis.
  • We manage individual funds, retirement plans (IRA’s, solo 401(k), profit sharing), corporate funds and non-profit accounts.

Non-Dollar Denominated Investments

  • We fully believe there is a fulcrum shift of economic strength.
  • We question the dollars ability to remain the global reserve currency.
  • To protect against a change, should it occur, we provide non-dollar denominated investments when market cycles dictate.

Socially & Environmentally Responsible Investments

  • We provide a comprehensive SRI strategy that includes social and environmental screens, economic cycle analysis, technical research, and fundamental review.
  • Individuals have the option to restrict any investments or to provide more restrictive guidelines.  We can create portfolios that are geared toward social responsibility.
  • Clients have the option to add unique screens to their portfolios such as Women in Business Investing Strategies.

Banking Products

  • Private banking solutions
  • Investment Credit Line
  • Jumbo Mortgages
  • Cash management
  • Banking capabilities
    • ATM access worldwide
    • Free online bill pay
    • Unlimited check writing
  • MasterCard check card
  • Domestic and global custody and safekeeping


Financial Planning

  • Our in-house analysts, thoroughly review your current and future financial goals.
  • This analysis can include planning for all life events including:
    • Retirement
    • Education funding
    • Weddings
    • Purchase/sale of a business, etc.
  • Estate planning, to ensure the bare minimum (will, durable power of attorney, health proxy) are in place and up to date