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Empowering Women: Investment Strategy

Women in Business: Investment Strategy

We offer a portfolio option focused on advancing women in the workplace. This strategy and screening process discovers which companies are currently advancing women in leadership roles. The screen focuses on several key areas including examining:

How many women are on the board of directors?

How many women are in executive and management positions?

How many female employees does the company retain?

Does the company have a female CEO and/or Chairperson?

These factors are given different weights, with representation by women on boards and in management receiving the greatest amount of weight.

Companies comprising this investment universe also meet certain environmental, social and governance (ESG) or sustainability standards, as rated by Alexandra Dest Capital Management’s own SRI/ESG research. This research provides in-depth ratings and analysis of the ESG/SRI-related business practices for thousands of companies worldwide.

Empowering Women: Lady’s Lunch

Informal Educational Meetings

During the spring and summer months we offer informal “Lady’s Lunches” where we meet with clients, friends, and prospects to discuss the economy and current market dynamics.