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Our Core Values

  • Integrity

    Your needs, objectives and bottom line are our chief concerns. We commit the resources required to help you move toward your goals.

  • Commitment

    We seek to retain productive and committed staff by sharing in the success of the company and encouraging balance in our employees lives.

  • Innovation

    We commit resources to the ongoing education of our staff so that we can innovate ways to build your financial strength. We encourage creative thinking and intuitive flow along with deep analytical research.

  • Sharing in Success

    We share our resources with charities. We believe in the development and strengthening of our community and encourage you to share your favorite charities with us.

  • Authenticity

    Management is committed to employee personal growth goals and encourages the discovery of each persons authentic path. In this way, it allows us to serve you from our hearts.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be a leader and innovator of sound investment strategies that empower our clients to invest and grow their assets in ways that will:

  • renew our economy
  • regenerate the environment
  • raise the quality and standard of living for humanity

Guiding Principles

  • Investing money in a conscious way that can affect positive change while providing clients with potential growth and diversification that is reflective of where the economy must go to regenerate.
  • Making money and restoring our economy can be congruent when this is done in a more sustainable, balanced way.
  • Our goal is to offer a set of investment options that will provide diversification, lower risk, and enhance returns.
  • We prioritize sustainable and regenerative practices congruent with replenishing and protecting the earth, promoting personal health and well-being, and helping to raise the standard of living
  • We give back to our community through established non-profits and through grass roots and educational initiatives that align with our vision.


We envision a future where more conscious capitalism, which we call the Regenerative Economy, is created.  In this economy, money is invested to regenerate the earth, heal our communities, enhance our health, and support innovation for the better good of humanity. Investing becomes congruent with sustainable, conscious practices, while we seek to more fully understand the outcome of our investments.

Our Team

L. Alexandra Dest

Managing Director

Why did I start Alexandra Dest Capital Management?

I started this company because I had a desire to lead in a way that I have never experienced before in business but always knew was possible.  While others would consider this idealistic, I did not.  All things are possible with pure and honest intention.  My goal was to create a company from heart centered leadership with cutting edge thinking and strategies.  A safe place to turn ourselves inside out and allow us to serve each other and our clients with reverence.  An environment that values and nurtures innovative thinking, creativity, honest care, and dedicated work.  I value my associates who give to our clients from their True Selves and who are always striving for more knowledge. I am honored to have such a great group of associates and clients that I may serve.


L. Alexandra Dest began her career in 1987 as a Compliance Specialist at Advest, Inc. in Hartford, CT.   After the crash of 1987, she worked between New York City and Hartford, quickly rising to the position of portfolio analyst and investment manager where she spearheaded strategies for internally managed portfolios. In 1990, she established the Investment Advisor division with U.S. Securities, Inc. based in Hartford, CT, as director, strategist, and portfolio manager.  In 1995, Alex was recruited to join Berkshire Bank (then Berkshire County Savings Bank) as Senior Investment Officer where she directed investments, established investment strategies and managed individual portfolios totaling $550 million in assets. She was promoted to Senior Management as a First Vice President in 2006.  In 2009, she established Alexandra Dest Capital Management, LLC, an investment advisor group committed to offering high level portfolio management solely for your benefit and your bottom line. She obtained her BA from University of Connecticut in Economics in 1987.

A personal note from Alex:

Aside from working with the global markets and economics, I enjoy the simple things in life. My weekends are often filled with hiking, biking, rollerblading, reading, writing and cooking. I am ecologically minded and have built a straw bale home with a small organic farm with my husband Milan – we are seeking to live sustainably. To be content, I require diligent work, moments of solitude, simplicity, quality nutrition, and global travel. I wholeheartedly believe in the interconnectedness of our world and as such focus my company contributions on sustainability, land preservation, nutrition, health, and the empowerment of the feminine.

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Yuki Cohen

Vice President & Financial Advisor

Why I chose to be part of this team:

Life is a grand, fascinating journey, with every turn guiding me to a more expansive world, and leading me exactly where I’m meant to be.  My journey has led me here, to Alexandra Dest Capital Management, where every individual’s personal growth is of utmost importance – because all great things, start with a whole, happy individual living an authentic life.    In my role here, I can use my varying skills as an analyst and manager all while having a close working relationship with our clients.


Yuki began her career in investment management with the Bank of New York’s asset management division in 2000, where she started as an Associate to the Technology and Consumer Staples Analysts and to the Chief Investment Officer.  Following her intense research training, she began managing portfolios for high net worth individuals, and prior to her departure in 2007, she was managing over $750 million as a Senior Portfolio Manager.  Prior to joining Alexandra Dest Capital Management, she spent 3 years with Berkshire Bank’s Wealth Management Group, as a Wealth Advisor where she handled all aspects of relationship management, financial planning, new business development and marketing.  Yuki also has an entrepreneurial side.  She co-created Moe’s Tavern in Lee, MA, recently featured in the New York Times’ article “36 Hours in the Berkshires”.  She is currently working on another venture, Methuselah Bar and Lounge in Pittsfield, MA, which focuses mainly on biodynamic/organic wines, artisanal craft beers and spirits, and carefully curated small meals.   Yuki is pursuing her designation as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.   Yuki holds a Masters in Business Administration in Finance and Business from New York University’s Stern School of Business.    Her undergraduate work was completed at Brooklyn College, with a BS in Accounting.

A personal note from Yuki:

I have a deep passion for people and their well-being.  I am fascinated by every individual’s journey and what makes them unique and perfect.  Their stories inspire me on many levels.    Hearty belly laughs, dance, skiing, and spending quality time with friends and family are important for me to maintain balance and perspective in the world.   And of course, my greatest joy of all are my two daughters, Sophie and Zoe.  Aged 7 and 5.

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Tanya L. Haas

AVP, Client Relationship Manager

Why I choose to be part of this team:

It is very rare that you find a business like Alexandra Dest Capital Management that truly puts not only their client’s best interest first and foremost but also their employee’s well-being.  It’s a blessing to work in an environment that allows you to be your authentic self and serve from the heart. I’m proud to be part of this dynamic team and innovative company.


Tanya L. Haas joined the company after several years of experience as Trust Officer in the Wealth Management Group at Berkshire Bank where she managed client relationships, administered trusts and settled estates. She has over 24 years of banking experience and held leadership roles in retail banking, trust operations, and administration.  Tanya earned an Associate Degree in Business Careers with Banking from Berkshire Community College and a General Banking degree from the Center for Financial Training. Tanya also attended Trust School with Cannon Financial Institute where she successfully completed Trust Fundamentals, Trust I, Trust II and Trust III.  She has also earned her designation as a Certified Trust and Financial Advisor through Institute of Certified Bankers. In addition, Tanya is a graduate of the Berkshire Leadership Program and also holds a Series 65 License.

At the company, she is the AVP, Client Relationship Manager, setting the tone for our service standards.  In this capacity, she provides financial planning, client investment reviews, and succession planning.

A personal note from Tanya:

During my time away from work, I enjoy creating memories with my family and friends.  Our favorite vacation spots are camping in the Adirondacks and cruising in the Caribbean.  Our family hobby and passion is racing – it is an activity that I enjoy with my husband Adam and son Brett.  I am also passionate about giving back to the community.  I’m involved with and have served on committees with local agencies such as, Berkshire United Way, Elder Services of Berkshire County, Berkshire Chamber of Commerce and Berkshire Place.  I volunteer as a mentor at Miss Hall’s School for their “Money Matters” financial literacy workshop and am a Wish Granter for the Make A Wish, Northeastern New York Chapter.

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Rose A. Borotto

Director of Operations & Compliance

Why I chose to be part of this team:

Aside from just simply enjoying the type of work I do, I chose to work here because I am always being challenged both professionally and personally.  I am not only  constantly asked to stretch beyond my current limits to enhance my skill set but to also reach deep within myself to grow personally.    The values we share, reaching and learning, integrity, care, expansion of the mind and our hearts, our desire to serve, this pulls our group together in a way that brings me deep satisfaction on a daily basis.


Rose Borotto’s career started 24 years ago at the former Berkshire Bank & Trust Company as a teller and subsequent operations assistant.  In 1991, she joined Great Barrington Savings Bank (which subsequently became Berkshire Bank) as Operations Assistant and Project Specialist.  From 1996 to 2002, she supported the President/CEO as Executive/Corporate Secretary.  From 2002 to 2005, she held the position of Investor Relations/Regulatory Reporting Analyst, where she dealt with SEC Compliance issues. At Alexandra Dest Capital Management, Rose is the operations, office, compliance, and financial manager.  She oversees the day to day operations of the company ensuring all details are handled appropriately.

A personal note from Rose:
I enjoy being outdoors, hiking year round, biking and kayaking in the warmer months.   I am an avid dog lover and like to spend time outdoors with my two black labs, Coal & Cami.  On weekends, I like to socialize and show off my husband’s culinary talents.  Both my husband and I have a bend toward sustainable living and eating organically.

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Paul A. Farella

Portfolio Manager & Sustainable Investment Analyst

Why I choose to be part of this team:

It is hard to imagine working in a corporate environment that is so fixed on the better good – this is an integral and important value to me.  In this company, my creativity, my skills as a visionary and forward thinker, my analytical mind and thirst for knowledge, and deep desire for sustainability are not only valued but they are encouraged.


In 2009, Paul graduated from the University of Hartford with a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance. He immediately began working with Alex to help start the company where he took on the role of Operations & Portfolio Associate, focusing on research, project development, operations, and customer service.  In 2011, Paul obtained an MBA in Sustainability from Antioch University New England.  While there, Paul actively worked to develop the necessary skills and tools to address complex sustainability issues in business and designed solutions for local food issues for area non-profits. In Paul’s current role, he is the senior analyst leading the research for the sustainable investment strategy, executes equity and fixed income trades, and the project manager for our new Regenerative Ag Company.  Paul has the depth and breadth of conceptual knowledge to address complexity, support inclusive engagement, and critically examine the dynamic landscape of today’s business world.

 A personal note from Paul:
A humanitarian at heart, I care deeply about my community and working toward a vibrant future and economy.  My personal mission is to be a part of the solution by fostering sustainable positive change within my community. I believe we can be the change that is so desperately needed by challenging the validity of our current paradigm and the constructs which keep it in place. I think that through thoughtful analysis and critical thinking approaches we can begin to reshape our communities and world into a more positive, dynamic, and socially just place in which we can all learn to thrive.

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We are ready to work with you.