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  • We partner with you, it is all about how we fit together.
  • We create a road map to your financial freedom.
  • We provide traditional and Sustainable & Responsible Investment options.
  • About Alexandra Dest Capital Management

    We are client focused, solutions based,  and ready to work with you.

    Expect the highest regard for you and your interests at Alexandra Dest Capital Management.

    Seasoned professionals

    ready to help you.


    committed to you.

    Higher than average

    professional to client ratio.

    Integrity. Authenticity. Creativity.

    At Alexandra Dest Capital Management, individual investment management and personal service is not an overused cliché, but rather the standard for each and every client. It is about your needs, your objectives, and most importantly, your bottom line. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals through cutting edge strategies in pursuit of meeting your financial needs.

    Customized Investment Management

    Portfolios are ardently structured and custom-tailored to YOUR unique needs and objectives.   Our independent, objective and constant surveillance of market indicators were developed in-house to meet those objectives with as little turbulence as possible.  Our managers have over 25 years of experience helping clients manage, protect and build their wealth.  From individuals, to corporate funds, retirement plans, trusts and non-profit accounts.

    Financial Planning

    We offer a courtesy financial review of your current and future goals.  From this initial and important starting point, we provide a road map and select the best vehicles for you to reach your destination.  Whether you are planning for retirement, in retirement, planning education funding, planning a wedding, or other life events, we continually review and analyze as your situation as your needs change.

    Non-Dollar Denominated Investments

    Our indicators lead us to believe that there is a fulcrum shift of economic strength, which brings us to question the dollar’s ability to remain the global reserve currency in the long run.  In the short-term, we believe the dollar will garner strength as the emerging markets go through growing pains.  When the market cycle calls for it, we have the option to protect against this possible change through non-dollar denominated investments.

    Sustainable & Responsible Investments

    For investors looking for responsible investments without compromising performance, we offer portfolio options that are constructed using our proprietary SRI/ESG screening process.  Strongly focused on social, environmental, and corporate governance impact and issues, this process can help ensure that, for those interested, their portfolios are guided by thoughtful and responsible decision making.

    An Overview of Our Process

    The process begins with you.

    We create a comprehensive individualized plan for each client that revolves around the following:

    Assess your financial needs and create a critical investment blueprint

    Determine current economic cycles

    Allocate funds according to cycles (stocks, bonds, foreign, currencies)

    Select investments based on fundamental and technical factors

    Countinuously manage risk


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